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As you cycle through your life, not everything remains the same, especially your hormones. They tend to get left behind and you begin to feel the effects when you reach your 30’s and 40’s. Symptoms such as irritability, fatigue, depression, or anxiety begin to take their toll on you. Hot flashes will leave you breathless and you may begin to struggle with weight imbalances. Luckily, there is LifeLike28. We developed this state-of-the-art protocol to help everyday people, like yourself, struggling with these crippling issues stay healthy mentally and physically.

For decades, health care professionals have been prescribing a constant dose of either estradiol and/or progesterone to female patients with hormone imbalances such as progesterone deficiencies. This has helped relieve some symptoms of hormone imbalances but more work needs to be done. Take a step back and ask yourself “Do I want to feel and look a lot better” If you answered yes, then continue reading.

It is known that a young, healthy woman’s cycle naturally fluctuates each month with various levels of estrogen and progesterone from the start of puberty to its end. Fortunately, a few functional medicine prescribers have sought to mimic Mother Nature in an effort to restore improved quality of life. This type of prescribing habit has been knownas “cyclic dosing” and it aims to resemble the “life-like” fluctuations seen in your bodies.

There is growing research proving that cyclic dosing offers much greater benefit than traditional dosing. Such benefits include greater prevention of insomnia and bone loss while increasing libido and longevity.LifeLike28 is a program designed to help women with menopause, perimenopause, postmenopause, or cycle abnormalities sustain more fruitful lives. This is accomplished by having LifeLike28 certified providers prescribe estradiol and/or progesterone in a cyclical pattern that is applied topically via a HRTicker Smart MDA created by BiosRx, Inc.

The graph below depicts what a natural cycle looks likeTry LifeLike28 today toexperience the comfort of a more tranquil and balanced life.

This is Nature

This chart demonstrates how hormones fluctuate in our body.

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This is LifeLike28. With 100 possible combinations to better mimic nature,

LifeLike28 is a perfect fit for anyone.

This is LifeLike28.

This is LifeLike28.