About Us

The LifeLike28 program raises the bar to bioidentical hormone replacement therapy by paying close attention to the dosage, proportion, and the rhythmic timing for how hormones are delivered to patients to mimic our own body’s physiology. As an anti-aging strategy, we provide simple tools to replenish hormone levels and simulate hormone fluctuations just as they occur in the prime years of youth. We utilize a one-of-a-kind topical delivery system which provides the highest accuracy and precision for topical application around the globe!

Benefits for Physicians:

  • Program provider listing in our company website (LifeLike28.com)
  • Save valuable TIME when prescribing rhythmic dosing
  • Less dosing adjustments with rhythmic dosing protocols
  • Ability to partner with your local pharmacy


Previous Challenges:

  • Too difficult to prescribe
  • Lack of adequate delivery systems
  • Pharmacy challenges (labeling limitations)
  • No set protocol to follow


About our Company

  • 2013-2014: Patent Pending (Transdermal Hormone Composition and Combined Static-Cyclic Delivery)
  • 2012: HRTickerTM (Novel US Patent Metered Dose Delivery Applicator for Delivering Transdermal Drugs, with many applications)
  • 2012: Women, Champagne, and HormonesTM (program development for educating the local community)
  • 2011: Cosmo Grade Professional Skincare. Researched and formulated by BIOSRX
  • 2007: Founded Folsom Medical Pharmacy-Compounding Center