For Pharmacies

Are you looking for a new, revolutionary way to help your patients overcome the struggles of hormone imbalances? LifeLike28 may be the solution! Filling a prescription for LifeLike28 is easy. Further, due to the standardization of the dosing strength, your overall necessary inventory will decrease. Generally, all it takes is a HRTicker applicator and a dosing schedule. The raw ingredients come from reputable compounding wholesalers from which you may already be using. LifeLike28 is an easy transition for patients, physicians, and your pharmacy.

What are the benefits

  • Increased efficiency and error reduction due to an established range of dosages
  • Several health advantages over standard continuous HRT
  • A Danish study concluded that cycling compared with traditional dosing lowered myocardial infarction risk and other parameters.
  • Patients self-adjust their dosages on different days as directed by their physicians
  • Physician referrals via trade-shows and conference engagements


What is LifeLike28

BIOSRX introduces a revolutionary, comprehensive and nature modeled BHRT program for women and men. The LifeLike28 program utilizes the HRTicker US Patent 8,544,684 B2 to deliver accuracy and precision for variable, static, and rhythmic dosing protocols.

The foundation of the LifeLike28 program is to facilitate rhythmic, variable, and static doses of hormones through the use of a dosing schedule and the HRTicker. The patient simply self-administers the correct dosage on any given day in a way that mimics their own bodys physiology. The LifeLike28 Program thrives in offering patients the highest quality ingredients, standardized formulations shared amongst select leading compounding pharmacies, and the most accurate delivery system around the globe!

What makes this program unique

What makes LifeLike28 unique is the one-of-a-kind proprietary device that is accurate and easy to use. The invention of the HRTicker Smart MDA by BiosRx, Inc. facilitates self-administration of hormones in a continuous, variable, or a combination of both as compared to conventional, static regimens. This novel metered dose applicator is user-friendly and goes hand-in-hand with a simple dosing schedule. The combined use of these two essential components of LifeLike28 will allow patients to self-administer the static and variable doses through the course of a 28-day cycle that can be stretched over a month’s interval when desired.

Membership & Fees

Please contact us for pricing information and additional details about the program. Presently, we welcome participation outside of California.

Pharmacies wishing to participate will need to purchase a start-up kit containing the following items:

  • Hardcover program slides
  • Dosing schedules
  • Access to studies and literature
  • HRTicker applicators
  • Lifelike28 Compounding formulas and ingredient information
  • Patient tri-folds
  • Marketing tools for program

Our friendly team at BIOSRX will provide training and education about the program and answer any further questions you may have. At the conclusion of the training,you will be able to provide the program in your community.

Just for YOU!!

Parallel to the marketing materials you will be receiving, your company will be listed as a program provider on the LifeLike28 website to enable both physicians and patients to know you are a provider of Lifelike28 products.